Honest Advice

When we advise you it will be with utmost respect with your needs at the forefront, not ours. Should we feel that Equity Release is not suitable for your circumstances then we will tell you and recommend other actions that may be more suitable. We also welcome the involvement of family or trusted friends throughout our conversations.

No Advice Fees

Whilst many Equity Release advisers will charge you an Advice or Administration Fee, Hallmark Equity Release will NOT charge you a fee in most cases. We receive a commission/fee from the lender and in most cases we are happy with that and see no reason to charge you as well. This offer only applies to loans above £50,000. For loans below £50,000, we would charge a fee of £495 payable on completion of the mortgage.

Impartial 'Whole of Market' Advice

We have NO leaning or bias towards any lender. Hallmark Equity Release are completely impartial and will advise you using Lifetime Mortgage products from the whole market.

No Valuation Fee

The vast majority of Lifetime Mortgage lenders do NOT charge a fee for valuing your property as part of the application process. In the unlikely case that a fee does apply we would advise you before any commitment on your part.


In some cases, the lender will provide a cashback, payable to you on completion. In addition, in some cases we are able to use some of the commission that we receive from the lender to rebate an amount back to you, which you could put towards your legal fees. Please contact us and enquire as to whether you would be eligible.

Equity Release Council

The Equity Release Council is the industry body for the UK Equity Release sector and exists to promote high standards of conduct and practice in the provision of advice on Equity Release which has consumer safeguards at its heart. All members have agreed to abide by the Council rules and have signed up to the Statement of Principles providing consumers peace of mind. You obtain more information on the Equity Release Council here.

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